Local History & Genealogy Center
185 Court Street
Binghamton, New York 13901
Phone: 607-778-3572 content/bc-historical- society


The Broome County Historical Society was incorporated in 1919 and continues to pursue its mission to collect, preserve, and
interpret the history of Broome County. Nearly a century later, the Society continues to play a vital role in preserving the history
and heritage of Broome and maintains a collection of over 200,000 items housed in two repositories. Over 140,000 paper and
archival items are housed in the Broome County Local History & Genealogy Center at theBroome County Public Library, including
over 80,000 images. Since 2000, the Society has been an active partner, along with the Library, the Broome County Historian and
the City of Binghamton Historian in bringing over years of history into one facility which is used by over 30,000 researchers
each year.